The podcast for English learners who like movies and series.


You love movies and series and also want to improve your English? Then this is the podcast for you!

Here we will discuss and follow all the main series and movies or sagas. Are You ready to learn English while you have a lot of fun?

What you will find here

Podcasts about movies and series

Here you will find podcasts about all the new movies and the series everyone loves, once a week.


You will have access to the trancript of all the episodes we release so that you can improve your listening and general language skills.

Exercises and activities

Exercises and activities so that you can take the most of each episode while you improve your vocabulary, phrasal verbs, grammar, idioms... in a fun way.


A little about the project.

Jennifer is an English teacher who believe that learning English can be fun. She also thinks that there is a lack of interesting materials for all levels available out there that can really connect to students. This is why she created On the Last Episode, to offer English students who like series and movies content that is interesting and that at the same time will help them improve their language skills while connecting likeminded people who can then interact with each other and discuss about topics they like.


Any doubts, ideas, questions or suggestions? We will be happy to hear from you!